image hosting for hackers




Create your account with Public-Key Cryptography

We don't want your email address.

To get started, simply ssh into our content management system:

note: new is a special username that will always send you to account creation, even with multiple accounts associated with your key-pair.
note: getting permission denied? read this

After that, just set a username and you're ready to start writing! When you SSH again, use your username that you set in the CMS.

Publish your images with one command

When your image is ready to be published, copy the file to our server with a familiar command:

rsync my-image.jpg

We'll either create or update the images for you.


Sharing photos is such an important part of the web. From writing a blog to creating memes, we want to enable hackers to quickly share images while never leaving the terminal.

We built imgs out of necessity, it's something we really wanted as part of the pico ecosystem and are excited to share it with you.

Read more about team pico's philosophy here.


  1. Ability to create albums
  2. Device optimized images